Summer 2020 classes

I promise my whippets won’t interrupt my classes! My room has a sliding door. They were on my mat this particular day with special permission 🙂

I will be offering two Ashtanga classes this summer:

  1. A six-week “Ashtanga basics” course
  2. An eight-week led primary series course

Ashtanga basics

If there’s any time to begin (or learn more about) a meditative, inward-focused yoga practice, it’s this summer. Do you need some time to center yourself? Do you need to still your mind and breath? Do you want to learn about a yoga practice that sets a calm, relaxing tone for the entire day?

I am offering a six-week “deep dive” into the Ashtanga yoga practice. Ashtanga is a non-competitive, established style of yoga that emphasizes personal growth over body image. In the process of strengthening your mind, you naturally will be strengthening your body. This class is ideal for both beginners and those who have been practicing Ashtanga already. In this class, you will learn (or be reminded of):

  • History of Ashtanga
  • Breathing techniques
  • Bandhas, or energy “locks”
  • Poses that make up the Ashtanga primary series
  • The focal point in each pose
  • The “goal” of each pose and modifications as you work toward the goal
  • Opening and closing chant

Course text:

You will need to obtain the David Swenson practice manual. This manual shows modifications and is a useful reference for both beginners and regular practitioners. You can find the Swenson practice manual for as low as $11.95 on


$60 for six 60-minute classes. Included in this cost is a free pass to one of my led primary series classes. Once you finish the class, you can try out the full sequence for free!

Payment options:

  • PayPal
  • Venmo (username: @Rachael-Hanel)
  • Cash or check (email me rhanel [at] hickorytech [dot] net to arrange payment this way)

Dates and times:

5:30 p.m. Thursdays, June 11 – July 16. We will meet online via Zoom.

Registration deadline:

June 4 (I will need a minimum of six people to commit in order to offer the class)

Primary led series

Join me for a 90-minute led primary series held via Zoom. I will lead you through the series, cueing each pose and counting the breaths. No memorization of the sequence is necessary. It helps if you have had some experience with Ashtanga, just because online it is a little more difficult to guide a newbie through the sequence. But if you are familiar with other types of yoga and want to check out Ashtanga, you are welcome — just contact me before you join so I can give you some additional information.


$80 for 10 weeks, or sign up for individual classes ($10 per class).

Dates and times:

8 sessions

Noon Thursdays (6 p.m. British time). We will meet online via Zoom.

June 11-July 30

Payment options:

  • PayPal
  • Venmo (username: @Rachael-Hanel)
  • Cash or check (email me rhanel [at] hickorytech [dot] net to arrange payment this way)