Finding the sacred

sacred 1

This month I’m working on the concept of “sacred” — specifically, finding the sacred in everyday, whether it’s within or external. I’m traveling in England right now, co-leading a group of students from Minnesota State University, Mankato. I didn’t go into the trip planning to seek out the sacred, but I am noticing it all around me.

Finding the sacred has given me some precious “down” time. I’m so excited (and excitable!) when I travel and I tend to move quickly from one thing to another, just wanting to experience everything that I can and engage in as many conversations as possible. I have to remind myself to take a few quiet moments, whether it’s a morning or evening meditation or finding a quiet space.

England is rich with history, and I’ve always been drawn to the solemnity of historical places. I was talking to my friend and colleague on this trip about how the churches here just seem so much quieter than churches back home.

Here are some places that I’ve found so far:


Parish church on Holy Island. This wood carving by Fenwick Lawson depicts monks carrying the relics of St. Cuthbert from the island during a Viking raid.


Detail shot. The expression on the face is impressive.


Holy Island churchyard.


St. Michael’s Church, Alnwick.


St. Michael’s.


St. Lawrence Church, Warkworth.


St. Albin’s, Bamburgh.


I lit a votive at St. Albin’s.

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