A self-directed personal growth education


Reflection has always been a huge part of my life. I reflect through writing. In my brain, thoughts remain jumbled and confusing until I can get words out on paper. This biggest example of this is my memoir, which was a 13-year process of trying to figure out how who I was as a young child, and my experiences as a child and young adult, made me into the person I am today.

On a daily basis, I’m constantly jotting down ideas and thoughts. Sometimes I do it publicly, as on this blog and my other blog, but most times the writing is private.

I think we go through different cycles of growing pains at different points in our life. A major one is adolescence, when so many things seem confusing and you’re learning how to navigate the world as an adult. But once you’re an adult, does that growth stop? No! I will always have so much to learn about the world and myself.

I went through a women’s leadership program in 2016-17 that set the stage for this new period of growth and learning. Before that, I hadn’t taken a lot of time to re-assess myself. I didn’t do any major self-evaluations in the time between my memoir being published in 2013 and the leadership program. And the memoir focused on my childhood. It was time to take a look at myself as an adult. Was I happy with who I was? Where had I been? Where was I going?

On the heels of the leadership program I began yoga teacher training. Using the foundation I learned in the leadership program, my personal growth journey has taken me in new, exciting, challenging (and sometimes scary) directions. I’m examining my negative patterns of thoughts and actions and trying to cultivate new positive patterns.

Is it easy? No!

Does change happen overnight? No!

Do I have moments where I move backwards and fall into patterns that have been with me my whole life? Yes! But I am learning to be patient with myself.

I’ve also assigned myself a reading list. These books have been immensely helpful to me on my journey. I am always looking for more recommendations, so please let me know what I should add to the list.

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