Shhhh…should we talk about this? Yes!

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“Hey, tell me about your pelvic health!”

Those are probably words you have never spoken or never have heard them spoken to you. But think about what all goes on “down there” — not only physically today, but emotionally and historically.

It’s not an area a lot of women pay attention to until something goes wrong. And when something goes wrong, whom can you talk to? Many of us were raised in a culture where we didn’t speak about pelvic health. If you see a doctor, was he/she trained in women’s health matters?

I attended a pelvic health workshop Saturday morning at Sun Moon Yoga Studios with about 20 other women. After hearing their stories, it struck me how often women’s concerns are dismissed by their loved ones or health practitioners. For example, Julie Dickhudt, the workshop teacher, said she saw her doctor after experiencing a prolapse and was told nothing was wrong.

“And I believed him,” she said with regret in her voice.

It was several more years before she finally was able to resolve the issue, with the help of a doctor experienced in women’s health.

Julie’s overall message: Take charge of your health, especially your pelvic health, because it’s an area that’s so vulnerable and tied up with many emotions. You know when something is wrong — don’t let a person who doesn’t know you tell you otherwise.

Further resources (thanks to Julie for pointing these out in Saturday’s workshop):

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