The continuing saga of yoga pants…

Screen Shot 2018-02-26 at 7.00.08 AM
Let’s just say there’s one place I would expect a woman to wear these pants, and it’s not at the gym…

A New York Times opinion piece on yoga pants published recently was widely shared and widely vilified. Honor Jones’ basic premise was “Why all the tight yoga pants? Let’s go back to sweatpants!”

Simply put, I think women should wear what they want to wear as long as it makes them comfortable and confident.

What I’m comfortable and confident wearing is not the ubiquitous and tight yoga pant, and here are a couple of reasons why:

* I get hot really easily. I hate being hot. With a passion. Yoga pants cover your entire leg. That would drive me crazy when I’m warm.

* Anyone who knows me knows I’m just not a fan of the tights-as-pants look. It’s probably my age — I come from a time when tights were always worn under a dress or long shirt. You wouldn’t dream of showing your butt outline to the entire world.

Ironically, I bought yoga pants last fall. They were black and had mesh cut-outs on the sides. I thought that would solve my issue of getting hot in long pants. But I cannot find these pants anywhere! I’ve torn my house apart on a couple of occasions and they are nowhere to be found. I think this is a sign that I really should not be wearing yoga pants.

Here’s what I love to wear:

Pants like these offer good coverage because they sit just below the knee. There’s a taper or cuff at the knee so the pants don’t ride up during down dog or another inversion. They just loose enough to not be tight around the thigh and butt, but not so loose that the fabric gets in the way of poses.

In the summer I might wear tight shorts. I suppose that’s no different than yoga pants because they’re still tight on the butt. But I hate loose shorts when I’m practicing yoga because there’s a very real danger of revealing too much. I also hate loose shorts while running because they bunch up around my thighs. I will put up with clingy-ness in order to avoid the ride-up.

Honor Jones  wonders what ever happened to sweatpants. There’s a very good reason we don’t see them at the gym anymore — they are terrible for working out! Ugh, all that cotton that gets heavy with sweat and doesn’t breathe? Gross! At least yoga pants are made of technical fabric that allows sweat to wick away. I can’t imagine working out in sweatpants anymore.

She wonders if a wide-leg or loose pant would really inhibit a yoga pose. By asking that question, I assume she hasn’t practiced much yoga. Some poses involve the body collapsing tight upon itself — loose clothing is only going to get in the way. As I mentioned above, in inversions you don’t want your pants or shirt flopping upside down on you.

I think her piece reveals some of her personal hang-ups at the gym. I’m sweaty and gross while working out — I’m certainly not thinking that I should look hot. Perhaps Honor Jones isn’t working out hard enough if she has the time and energy to worry about what people around her are wearing. I’m gasping for breath, trying not to collapse, not looking around at what other women are wearing.

What do you like to wear during yoga? Are you a fan of the yoga pant, or not?

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