The value of special yoga events


Photo Credit: wickenden Flickr via Compfight cc

If you’re lucky enough to live near a studio that offers special events and workshops, take advantage of it! I’ve been to two special yoga events in the last two months at SunMoon studios in Mankato.


Photo Credit: esc.ape(d) Flickr via Compfight cc

In December, lightworker Amy Heilman visited to perform a cacao ceremony. As a group we slowly sipped the cacao drink, paying special attention to the taste of it, the feel of the cup in our hands, and meditating on the source of the drink — the sun that warmed the plant, the people who picked the plant, and its journey to here. We followed this with a vinyasa flow.

On January 18, I attended a vinyasa flow/meditation with background music provided by Kevin Paris. We set our intentions for 2018 and then practiced a calming, mindful vinyasa flow.

These type of special events stand out for the following reasons:

* A break in the routine. We go to our regular class, we teach our regular class, we work our regular jobs, etc. It’s nice to attend a class at a different time with a different teacher.

* Open up new experiences. I would not think of signing up for a cacao ceremony on my own. I had no idea what to expect, and I’m glad I had the experience. Same with live music — I had never done a yoga flow with a musician in the room.

* Sense of community. Both of these events were sold out. I saw women whom I’d known for years because we’d been in yoga classes before. I saw women whom I’d only recently met. I saw new faces. You can feel the energy in the room when people gather in a place like this to meditate, set intentions, and practice yoga.

After both of these events, I felt a little drugged, yet energized. Thursday had been a long day for me — I started the day with teaching the 6 a.m. yoga class at Fitness for 10 and ended the day with another yoga practice. When I went to bed I was tired, yet I wasn’t quite ready to settle down. When I did fall asleep, my sleep was deep and solid.

If you have a yoga studio near you and haven’t checked to see if they offer special events and workshops, I recommend you do so. Sign up for one — new experiences await.

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